Increasing success of our patented OptiCut cutting system for channel balers

Our patented and innovative OptiCut cutting system for channel balers is growing in success. By now, there are 30 channel balers in Germany that were retrofitted with our cutting system.

Our exclusive cooperation partner Avermann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG offer a retrofitting possibility with our OptiCut cutting system. More than 25 new machines of the type AVOS 1410, 1810 and 2010 are in operation in Europa and the USA.

Currently, three more OptiCut cutting systems for the types AVOS 1810 and one for the type AVOS 1410 are ready for delivery to our cooperation partner. One more system is in manufacture.

We supply our patented cutting system as a retrofit kit for all standard channel balers (PAAL, Bauer, Unotech, etc.), leading to a possible increase in performance by 50 % (gear pumps) respectively 100 % (axial piston pumps) and higher.

Properties of our patented OptiCut cutting system for channel balers

  • uniform and smooth cutting sequence
  • substantial reduction of hard jolts and abrupt stress reduction of cutting pressure
  • less mechanical and hydraulic stress
  • no operation times for stamper needed

Your benefits

  • considerable increase in productivity [t/h] over 100% and more
  • reduction of personnel cost
  • less energy cost
  • reduction of maintenance cost

Consequently, you reduce your cost significantly!

Normally, the payback period is less than 12 months. If needed, we offer a corresponding calculation tool.

Are you interested? Here you find further information about our OptiCut cutting system.

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