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Unsere Geschichte – ENGL

Our history

We look back on over 60 years of successful company history: In 1960, Karl Wrede established his business as an agronomic blacksmith.

Karl Wrede was born on 25 February 1931 in Dingen.

1946 after 8th grade, he begins his apprenticeship as a blacksmith which he finishes in March  1948.

1953 he gets an additional certificate in horse-shoeing.

He was a master technician of agricultural machinery (1953, 1957) and welding specialist (1973).

The company founder Karl Wrede starts his own business in 9 March 1960.

For this purpose, he leases the forge “Am Klint” from Nicol Thießen paying 20,- DM a month.

Schmiede Karl Wrede
Erstes Firmengebäude

1966: establishment of the first own building at the current site in Eddelak.

In the following years, this building expanded further.

1977 it recieves the first permission for welding according to the norm DIN 4100/2.

1979: construction of a new steel construction site with 5 t cranes.

On 1 July 1990 , the company is licensed to the engineer Eggert Wümpelmann due to the founder’s old age.

In the following years, it grows to a size about 15 employees.

The production facility expands further.

The machinery develops in the direction of mechanical engineering. Agronomic technology is in low demand while mechanical engineering and hydraulic steelwork grows.

After 15 years, the lease ends.

Neubau Stahlbauhalle 1979

1 July 2005: the second generation

The founder’s son starts his career with an apprenticeship to be an industrial mechanic which he finishes as the best in the country.
In the following, he studies mechanical engineering with focus on steel construction. After his studies, he works as an engineer in the wind energy sector in the same place of his thesis about offshore foundation structures of multi-megawatt wind turbines. 
Additionally, he turns special welding engineer in postgraduate studies.

He assumes the family company at age 32.

After some years, his parents sign over the company to him and he leads it as the only shareholder and Managing Director since then. 



In 2007, the hall of mechanical machining grows.
A design department is founded in the same year.
Another expansion of the production facility takes place in 2009.
In 2010, the steel construction department for processing parts up to 25 t unit weight is constructed.
The number of employees reaches 40.
In 2014, the steel construction hall is expanded 40 m further.
Neubau Karl Wrede
Aktuelle Halle
The production possibilities grow continuously for 15 years.
By now, the company owns a unique machinery in Northern Germany.
Here you find information about our machinery and production possibilities.

In 2018, a new office is built: The design department moves from Itzehoe to Eddelak. 

On 9 March 2020, the company celebrates 60 years of existence.

Since the first quarter of 2020, the company is financially fully independent: There are no pending obligations to financial institutes.

The company does not lease machinery – not once since its founding.

In 2020, the company continues to invest over € 0,5 million – even in difficult economic circumstances.

For the fourth quarter of this year, a CNC milling machine with a carousel turning function of the type SORALUCE FL 5000 will be put into operation.


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