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Lösungen für die Windenergie – ENGL

Wind energy solutions

We offer complete one-stop wind energy solutions. Lifting devices, means of transport or operating equipment – we develop a custom-fit solution or manufacture installations, equipment and spare parts according to your drawings.

With our own design department and production in-house, we offer quick and reliable services. Onshore and offshore. Our customers are turbine manufacturers, service providers (ISP) and operators of wind farms in Germany and all over the world. 

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We value high normative quality and customer requirements. Find out more about our certification.

Our experience in offshore lifting devices is extensive. We manufactured lifting devices for the very first German offshore wind farm alpha ventus in 2010, namely foundation structures and tower segments with a load-bearing capacity of SWL 700 t.
Certification of seagoing lifting devices and means of transport by classification entities like e.g. the DNVGL is natural for us. This also includes the planning and execution of necessary load testing and the needed documentation.

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Lifting devicesTravers

We design and manufacture lifting devices for all main components of a wind turbine:


rotor hub

rotor blade

rotor star


rotor shaft


Reference projects lifting devices Travers

Reference projects offshore lifting devices Travers

Load tests offshore lifting devices

The set of regulations requires load testing for seagoing lifting devices as a part of the certification process. We already plan the load test with computer aid during the design process, prove the technical viability and choose the necessary slings.

Means of transport

We design and manufacture means of transport for all main components of a wind turbine:


rotor hub

rotor blade


rotor shaft


nacelle cover

Reference projects means of transport ob

Reference projects offshore means of transport

Operating equipment

We design and manufacture operating equipment for all main components of a wind turbine:


rotor hub

rotor blade

rotor star


rotor shaft


Spare part production according to drawings or modelsTrave

We manufacture spare parts and equipment according to your drawings or models. Repairs such as finish-boring of bearing seats, turning of brake discs, etc. are part of our daily work.

pitch cones

rotor locking mechanism

mounting bell


adjustment tools

retaining plate

spacer sleeve

Production examples:


Special repairs: thread and welding repairs at site

Thread repairs and tower flange boring


rotor blade

rotor shaft-hub

tower flange boring

Demolished bolts in the main screw connection of a wind turbine such as azimuth, rotor shaft-hub or rotor blade are a commun and unpleasant reality in the years of its use.

The necessary thread repairs require high craftsmenship as well as special equipment.

We have years of experience in the performance of such repairs – nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we are well equipped with special tools: Magnetic drills in different sizes, mounting plates, boring bushes, extra long drills or triple cutters. 

The placing of helicoli thread inserts as the last step of the repair is natural for us. With a CAD simulation, we are able to examine the technical viability of each solution.

If necessary, we also develop and manufacture the necessary tools or aids.


Welding work

weld seams of tower and flanges

pitch cylinders

nacelle covers

vibration dampers

Demolished weld seams can occur on different components in the ongoing use of a wind turbine. Weald seams of:

– tower or flanges

– machine frame

– nacelle covers or Halterungen

– hydraulical cylinders or brackets

– vibration dampers

We are able to repair weald seams in a high-quality, flexible, and fast manner. The basis for this is our own personnel for the non-destructive testing for the processes PT, MT and UT for detection of ruptures, certified wealding specialists for the repair of the weald seams and a special wealding engineer as supervisor.

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