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Karl Wrede Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH

What distinguishes us at Karl Wrede Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH?

Our extensive vertical range of manufacture, flexibility, and versatility of our services stand out. Especially the direct communication with our clients plays a decisive role for us, because we always want to fulfill your requirements in a reliable, timely and professional manner.

We offer complete one-stop solutions: design, calculation, and manufacture. The areas lifting devices, means of transport and operating equipment as well as special constructions are part of our services.

Complete one-stop solutions

Although there is a general investment restraint in the area of mechanical engineering, we continue to expand our production possibilities. Take a look at our modern machinery. It represents our unique selling proposition in Northern Germany. 

Contract manufacturing in the area of welded constructions up to 25 t unit weight with or without mechnical machining are possible. Our work also includes large part processing, steel constructions, sheet metal working, and mechanical machining.

Additionally, we offer just-in-time repairs for engineering components. Furthermore, we produce spare parts according to drawings or models and perform maintenance and servicing of production facilities. We offer quick solutions with high technical expertise.

We are a privately owned company with 40 highly qualified and motivated employees and look back on 60 successful years of history.

Karl Wrede Logo

Founded in:               1960
Share holder:            Dipl.-Ing. (SFI) Jan Wrede
Managing Director: Dipl.-Ing. (SFI) Jan Wrede
Turnover:                   5 Mio. €
Employees:                40

Our company - Karl Wrede Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH

Our areas of competence:

  • development, calculation and manufacture of lifting devices, means of transport, operating equipment, and special constructions
  • contract manufacturing of welded constructions up to 25 t unit weight
  • sheet metal working
  • mechanical machining including large part processing
  • industrial assembly
  • maintenance
  • just-in-time repairs

Our clients:

  • chemical industry
  • petrochemistry
  • food industry
  • wind turbine manufacturers and service providers
  • wind farm operators and planners
  • companies from the general mechanical engineering sector

Our values

What do we offer?

What do our clients appreciate the most?

  • our high quality
  • we meet the deadlines and have short reaction periods
  • our vertical range of manufacture and flexibility
  • our openness when it comes to mistakes or complaints
  • our adequate price performance ratio

What is important for us?

  • consistency in fulfulling your requirements
  • close cooperation with our clients, suppliers and team
  • liability and reliability
  • health and safety
  • working together to achieve a high delivery reliability
  • development of our company and our employees
  • forward-looking approach and efficiency

...and what do we consider natural?

  • respectful interaction
  • team work with support, consideration, constructive conflict management and clear communication
  • openness for new ideas and opinions, transparent decision-making, opportunity to help shaping the company
  • we act envionmentally conscious
  • a good equipment and its maintenance, order and cleanliness
  • the fostering of our employees, a good education, and a pleasant work atmosphere

Our vision 2030

Our vision is the sustainable development of our company to being a modern, economically sound, profitable, and debt-free company with a positive work atmosphere and content employees.

We still employ about 40 people in the areas of design, sheet metal working, steel construction and mechanical machining.

Our name stands for reliable and outstanding quality and innovative solutions. In this way, we convince our customers with our flexibility, delivery reliability and the knowledge of their requirements and needs on a daily basis.

Our management team is strong in professionalism and organizationally, so that it can make all relevant strategic decisions autonomously.

Our employees identify themselves with our company, are highly qualified and eager to learn.

We have the most extensive machinery in Northern Germany with regard to the combination of sheet metal working, welded constructions and mechanical machining, which also represents our unique selling proposition.

Continuous improvement in all areas – and our willingness to invest in our company to maintain and improve our competitiveness.

We achieve an annual net profit that allows us to invest in the future of our company.