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Karl Wrede Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH

Our values

Our values at Karl Wrede Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH


  • We consistently meet customer requirements.
  • We work economically in terms of a good price/performance ratio.
  • We meet promised deadlines.
  • We are open + honest in dealing with complaints and errors.
  • We stand for short reaction times.
  • We all work together for a high delivery reliability.
  • We are obliging + respectful in dealing with customers.
  • We offer fast + flexible solutions to problems.
  • We offer complete solutions from one source.
  • We advise our customers professionally.


  • Our employees are characterized by reliability. 
  • We work as a team across departments. 
  • We live constructive conflict resolution. 
  • We support each other. 
  • Adherence to our rules is important to us. 
  • Our teams are able to control themselves. 
  • We talk to each other not about each other. 
  • We all work towards the success of our company. 
  • We all treat each other with respect and collegiality.


  • We maintain our machines + tools. 
  • We meet high quality requirements.
  • We value quality
  • We value good training. 
  • We attach importance to good operating equipment. 
  • We are a reliable partner for our suppliers. 
  • We attach importance to a close cooperation with our suppliers.
  • Every one of us is continuously developing! 
  • We encourage the development of our employees.


  • Our managers work closely together. 
  • We offer our employees the opportunity to participate in shaping their own areas. 
  • Our managers think + act with an eye to the future. 
  • We perceive our employees as individuals. 
  • Our managers are open to new ideas. 
  • The opinion of our employees is important to us. 
  • Our managers have a high level of professional competence. 
  • We make decisions promptly + transparently. 
  • We define + communicate clear work instructions. 
  • We offer attractive working conditions. 
  • We lead in a friendly + respectful manner. 
  • Our managers are empathetic and resolve conflicts constructively.


  • We continuously develop our company. 
  • We act in an environmentally conscious manner. 
  • We attach importance to a positive image. 
  • Economic success is the basis of a successful company. 
  • Health + safety at work are our highest priority.


  • We pay attention to efficiency in all processes.
  • Our employees think + act economically.
  • We attach importance to order and cleanliness.
  • We work goal-oriented.
  • We are professional in work preparation
    and organization.
  • We all contribute to secure our workplace.