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Sheet metal working

We offer complete one-stop solutions in sheet metal working. Whether you need a simple edge part, a complex assembly or a special construction – we are the right partner for you. We also offer complete manufacture including coating and final assembly.

In close consultation, we develop solutions tailored to your specifications: we supply production-ready drawings, manufacture single components or assemblies, or deliver the finished product ready for installation.

In the chemical industry sector, our clients prefer working with us when it comes to implementing ideas for custom designs from the area of process engineering, apparatus engineering, and container manufacture. From the first rough draft to prototypes and, finally, the operation-ready machine.

Our modern and versatile machinery includes up-to-date welding workstations. These come equipped with welding system tables and the latest welding technology in the area of TIG/MIG/MAG welding systems and separation of dissimilar metals.

We employ MIG, MAG, and TIG welding methods to process both conventional and high-strength steels, CrNi steels, aluminium- and nickel-based alloys for high temperature applications.

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