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Karl Wrede Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH

Vision 2030

Our vision 2030

Our vision is the sustainable development of our company to being a modern, economically sound, profitable, and debt-free company with a positive work atmosphere and content employees.

We still employ about 40 people in the areas of design, sheet metal working, steel construction and mechanical machining.

Our name stands for reliable and outstanding quality and innovative solutions. In this way, we convince our customers with our flexibility, delivery reliability and the knowledge of their requirements and needs on a daily basis.

Our management team is strong in professionalism and organizationally, so that it can make all relevant strategic decisions autonomously.

Our employees identify themselves with our company, are highly qualified and eager to learn.


We have the most extensive machinery in Northern Germany with regard to the combination of sheet metal working, welded constructions and mechanical machining, which also represents our unique selling proposition.


Continuous improvement in all areas – and our willingness to invest in our company to maintain and improve our competitiveness.


We achieve an annual net profit that allows us to invest in the future of our company.