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Karl Wrede Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH

Code of Conduct –ENGL–

Code of Conduct

Karl Wrede Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH is committed to adhering to the principles described and
also expects the same from its suppliers and service providers.


  • Applicable laws and regulations are fully complied with
  • Bribery, corruption and unethical practices are not permitted and will not be tolerated
  • Fair competition is encouraged and conflicts of interest are avoided
  • The intellectual property rights of others are respected
  • The selection and treatment of suppliers takes place without discrimination


  • The international declaration of human rights is complied with
  • Any form of child labor is prohibited and expressly rejected
  • No compulsory labor, forced labor or prison labor is used
  • Equal opportunities and equal treatment are promoted
  • The personal dignity, privacy and rights of all people are respected
  • Discrimination, harassment and retaliation will not be tolerated
  • Appropriate efforts are made to avoid the use of raw materials from conflict areas


  • Legal regulations regarding occupational health and safety are fully complied with
  • Applicable working time regulations are respected
  • Fair and collectively agreed remuneration is paid in accordance with the applicable national regulations


  • Applicable legal environmental standards are fully complied with