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Maximum flexibility – Added value for our customers

Maximum flexibility – Added value for our customers

Time is money – also true in this case. During the construction of a new wind turbine, there was a problem with the measures of the fundament anchoring basket. To prevent a delay of construction, the customer consulted us in this time-sensitive manner.

We needed to perform 200 borings in the tower flange at the construction site to widen them from 49 to 55 mm. To save even more time, we performed the borings right near the port and not on the construction site. That way, the customer was able to erect the tower right after arriving at the construction site.

Due to the new boring diameters, two more tasks appeared: the manufacture of new special turned and centifugally zinc-coated shims, and the boring of load distribution plates (4 pieces – each approx. 3.50 m x 1.0 m – 2.0 t) on one of our CNC machining centre.

Thanks to our high flexibility and our wide vertical range of manufacture, we were able to fulfill the task in a very timely manner. Futhermore, the quality of our solution was so convincing that the customer placed 10 more orders.

Bohrungsbearbeitung der Lastverteilerplatten (4 Stk. - je ca 3,50m x 1,0m – 2,0t) auf unserem CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum
Boring of load distribution plate
Neufertigung von gedrehten und schleuderverzinkten Spezialunterlegscheiben
Manufacture of special turned and centrifugally zinc-coated shims
Baustelle vor Ort: Aufbohren des Turmflansches
Construction site: boring of tower flange

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